The podsuite

Your hotel suite on just 20 m²


Change is the only constant in hospitality. Over days, weeks and seasons, guests continually change in both numbers and the ways they spend their day, so why do we keep building hospitality environments which are totally fixed and aimed at one specific use-case?

With this in mind, we developed a fully adaptive solution that offers the full functional variety of a hotel suite, but on the footprint of a small room. Ideal for urban locations where property is expensive or rural sites where space is restricted, due to legislation or site characteristics.


Adaptation & Monetization

More than an average accessory dwelling unit, this modular powerhouse is ready to be dropped onsite and has a footprint of just 24m², but can even go as small as 20m² or expand by adding additional modules.

Equipped with the versatile Tokyo Holopod, it packs all the amenities for a long-stay rental, a vacation home for a family of 4, and even an office with 2 desks for fans of offsite work sessions. Changing the interior between modes only takes a minute.

It’s the ideal addition to your garden, whether it’s for your personal use, or to generate extra income as a rental property.

Exterior Design

Sizing Things Up

The Podsuite’s overall geometry has been designed with several constraints in mind, relating to transportation and site requirements. Its smallest footprint -20m²- allows placement in gardens without permit approval in several EU countries. The module’s width of just 2.54m. grants not only transportation without the need for an escort vehicle but also access to narrow streets and driveways. The height of 3m. remains below the maximum height allowed for garden constructions in most countries and avoids casting shadows on neighboring gardens.



Any intelligent fool can make things bigger and more complex…

It takes a touch of genius – and a lot of courage- to move in the opposite direction.


E.F. Schumacher

Interior Design

Despite its small footprint, the interior is characterized by spaciousness and visual serenity, achieved by an emphasis on symmetry, an understated color palette and clear-cut volumes.

Contrasting colors for the walls help define the boundary between the two modules that the podsuite is made of.


This podsuite’s base interior is built from two distinctly differing modules:

  • one dense, containing all technical installations, kitchen and bathroom
  • one open, containing a transforming and comfortable living space with open views to the surroundings

With this setup we placed all plumbing and HVAC inside a single unit, keeping onsite installation simple and fast.